BARONIC WALL- "The Golden Sword/In Granite Parlor" C45 (Night People)

Baronic Wall aka: Jack Gilbert,is my newest obsession.This tape is so fresh and inventive,I can hardly stand it.I really can't get enough of this.An overly-affected mix of sci-fi synth-punk and unhinged art fuckery.This shit is beyond damaged art,and this kind of musical mental abuse couldn't work any better for Gilbert.Minimalist-weirdo anthems that never let up.Golden Sword..kicks off with "Calibrant Memories".A boisterous delay-drenched shouting match immediately brings some early Throbbing Gristle to the mix,with it's buzzing analog pulses,and dense,minimal electro-bumps.It's got a catchy kraut-like repetition to it,and their bizarre formulas seem to work very well from song to song,but some of these tunes rely solely on a single synthesizer note and Gilbert's intense P.Orridge-esque moans to carry them out.A fair amount of these songs flow towards a more jumbled, ranting angularity that brings The Fall's more bizarre moments to mind.An insanely catchy and brave release from the mysterious Baronic Wall, and they are just getting started.Goddamn this is a good one.

Night People