(RRR/Stomach Ache Records)

This is a tape that came out in the 90's on stomach ache records, home to many depraved and insidious releases. This label may be currently active as Dolor Del Estamago, run by Grux from Caroliner, or that may be a tribute label (you can check out their outstanding CD-R catalog here: http://www.brutalsoundeffects.com/dolordel00.html). Annnyway, that's besides the point, what we have here is a current reissue from Ron Lessard (Lowell, MA) of the old "Spill Your Guts, Friend" compilation which is available super cheap from RRRecords (find it on this page: http://www.rrrecords.com/label-va.php). Relive the days before cassettes with colorful art! Just look at the artists on this thing, and you'll know if you want it or not!