VAGINA BISON "Saigna Bovin" C30 (Pleasence Records)

Vagina Bison is the Collaborative Project of Toronto's Andrew Zukerman (Gastric Female Reflex) and Montreal's Emilie Mouchous (Gmackrr). Just another fucked up slice of contemporary life: howling, screeching, toys uttering their final death cry, you know, it's what the kids are up to these days...unless you live in California or New Jersey or somehthing. Beautiful printing and cool velcro tab in the Beniffer Editions style, though this is actually the first release on Deirdre O'Sullivan's Pleasence label, though you'd be hard pressed to determine that from the packaging. This is intricate music for dismantling robots, but it's got a funky core similar to the best Gastric Female stuff. Apparently this was recorded over the last few years, but the tape just came out.

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