BORON - "Aria Statica" cs (Field Hymns)

This tape starts with a batch of sine waves and various frequencies ,all blipping and buzzing against each other, without any real tune or melody.Just when you are about to snap, things begin to plateau a bit, and a more subtle, "catchy" tone sets in.Layers of busted synths, outdated processors and random analog machines pile atop one another every so often, creating a pretty interesting sound collage.I felt like i spent most of this listen waiting for some sort of song to emerge, or at least something resembling one, which never really happens, but that is also the allure of this album.Batches of channeled distortion and bent machines going haywire, at the bottom of a dry ocean, in outer space.The anticipation factor, was enough for me to listen to the other tape i got from him, which is also pretty interesting.Boron's harsh and sprawling tape loops are far from accessible, and yet, it won't bore the shit out of you.If scathing electronics are your thing, check this out.Headphones are suggested.Edition of 100, with download code.