You may have noticed...

We've changed Cassette Gods ever so slightly. For one, you can now comment on our posts. Also, note the new addresses on the right hand side of the page. I guess it looks like a lot of us live in Western Massachusetts... Guess that's just cause it's the coolest place ever! If it's ever seemed like a tape you worked real hard on, stuffed into a pretty envelope, affixed bountiful postage to and sent our way simply vanished into a void, rest assured we'll be getting a lot more reviews up soon, so keep those tapes coming! We've decentralized our operation and have provided the addresses for all the active Cassette Gods writers. So try to pick the reviewer who seems to best fit your aesthetic and send it directly to them. Hopefully we'll be getting some more in depth content up here soon, like audio samples, interviews and band/label write ups. But don't worry, we will remain firmly rooted in our archaic 2007 trappings.

The tapes I've been jamming for the last couple of weeks:
Angels In America / Weyes Blood split Northern Spy Records
Bastian Void "Ported" Digitalis ltd #202 NEW
Post Materialists "Love" Eggy Records #27 NEW
Ryley Walker "Evidence Of Things Unseen" Plus Tapes 050 NEW
Warren G "Regulate...G Funk Era {Clean Version}" Def Jam OOP
Psychic Steel "Marthyan Reign" Catholic Tapes NEW
Astral Plane Junkies / Servitor split Hidden Temple NEW
Dead Girl's Party (Foust/Krefting) "The Things I've Lost" Entr'acte NEW
Boo Frog "Undead At Satyricon" Skullman Records NEW
Attar Cups "S/t" Sloow Tapes OOP
Jack Callahan / Matthew Reis Factotum Tapes fact039 NEW
Miracle Johan "No Time For Maniacs: 80 Dub" tlt004 OOP

Actually, that last tape deserves special mention. I have no clue where it came from, and neither does my partner, who it belongs to. It's a really strange and arresting mix of funky wah-wah guitar psych jams and heavily reverbed spoken word pieces about the illusory nature of time. Reminds me of weird private press records like Vulcan's "Meet Your Ghost" or ???. If anyone out there knows anything about it please write me at A cursory internet search reveals that this guy started out writing Rap songs exclusively about the Boston Celtics. Weird...

In the year 4040 A.D., Miracle Johan crash landed on planet Earth. His ship hit a shark on the tooth and blood was everywhere. After he fixed the shark teeth with his hat, he swam through the icy ocean to Hadley, or where Hadley once was. There was a great amount of ice and snow and general coldness. It was the first time Johan saw his breath, ever, seeing as though his former planet's atmosphere was made of a whole mess of birds, solid with birds. It kind of freaked him out. I mean the seeing his breath. He kind of liked it. He also kind of liked the freak out...he had never been freaked out before. Then, just as he was noticing a giant herd of giant ice age horses ice skating towards him on their ever-evolving lucky shoes, perhaps to fight, perhaps to offer assistance, the shark returned. He was walking and with one giant flipper he was holding his cheek. Perhaps Johan hadn't fixed that sharktooth at all. He only had one option...he travelled back to the year 1996 and began recording on a 4track. Along the way he learned to love drum machines and keyboards and the celtics. And dub. He loved dub. He still likes pretty and meandering guitar parts. The shark will be back, of course, but this time Johan will have just the thing for that crappy shark.