Babelfishh - Eyeless Terror c32

Babelfishh has a long history of working with some great producers within the beat/hip hop scene. Split releases with Astronautalis, Oskar Ohlson, Tenshun, Filkoe, BeastMaster, and Edison have all shown the diversity of his talents. Eyeless Terror is not a typical beat album. In fact, its hard to call it such as all - blending thrash metal and noise into the beat style Eyeless Terror sounds more like a straight up noise album with thrash style lyrics. Self proclaimed garage racket the opening track "Vomiting Wallets" starts off with an intense guitar riff followed by a rattling of words and a crushing beat all behind a tenable noise frequency - this track really brings you into the entire album - each track following further identifies Babelfishh as out of the ordinary. Artwork was printed on hemp paper and features a collage style scene of a raccoon with knives and an eyeless George Washington. The tape itself is on lime green tapes - a rarity that I haven't seen much before. By far a surprising release that will receive much play in the tape deck.
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