Son of A Bricklayer - Moose Without Antlers c24

Son of a Bricklayer was a name I was unfamiliar with but upon receiving Moose Without Antlers with its stunning orange shell and beautiful artwork I was excited to hear what I was seeing. Moose Without Antlers may be the intriguing name that I never understand - possibly the name of a weird sex position, one could only imagine. At first listen this tape blew me away. I am a fan of the drum and this album delivers - pure dream drum beats like I have not heard in a long time - tight breaks and slamming beats that knock off the ghetto blaster speakers. Deep down I realize this is the tape I've been dying to receive. Not just a drum and bass type of album - this features fantastic soundscapes that are alluring and hypnotizing. They complement the beats in such a way that I feel is uncommon in the realm of cassette culture. Well produced tape with beautiful artwork. Congrats I had An Accident for another great release.