EKLIN - "Onwa" c45 (Night-People, 2011)

Yet another total winner from Shawn Reed's Night-People imprint.This one is a real gem, too.Eklin is a fairly new Dutch band, and their newest opus, Onwa, is a much needed breath of VERY fresh air.They are completely unique in style, and it's almost impossible to pinpoint any of their musical influences.They've got this really ethereal, cavernous vibe going, sounding completely natural and organic almost always, with very minimal instrumentation, leaning heavily on they rich beauty of singer Lo's soaring vocal arrangements.Her voice is just incredible.Eklin are an absolutely perfect machine when it comes to the rhythm section, with tightly syncopated percussion doing most of the work, with deep pocket grooves, and more then enough kraut-like pounding.and light and airy guitar flourishes that trickle down into the tiny cracks.Icy blue synths flow in and out of the songs smoothly, sounding like they're underwater and rising to the surface, if only to accompany the howling breeze that is Lo's voice.There is little to no contrast here on any front, and Onwa is anything but contrived.Some parts of Onwa are similar to the primitive minimalism of Gang Gang Dance, but even that comparison doesn't do this justice.Eklin are definitely doing something painfully unique and fresh, and this amazing cassette is worth every penny.Expect plenty of chills.Get it from Night-People.