Christian Filardo - "Forgetting" and Potions/Ghostandthesong - "Split" (Pretty All Right)

Pretty All Right Records is stepping out of their Midwest/Chicago base with a release by Arizona's Christian Filardo. Fan, writer, and tape label operator (Holy Page) Filardo's Forgetting is an album of mighty ambient/noise grumble and Twin Peaks style synth wash. Seriously, David Lynch's body of work in film and TV continues to influence musicians more than he probably intended, but the synth colorings of Filardo definitely recall Lynch's noir nightmare scenarios. Elsewhere on the tape the grinding churn of electronic overdrive adds depth to the mood music chords of the keyboards. This is an evenly balanced collection of sound compositions. Its also one of the darker releases from PAR. Personally, I've come to expect a lighter home-brewed electronic (at times fun/funky) music from the label, but this release adds a bit more murk. Good show!

The split release from Potions and Germany's Ghostandthesong is a good, if oddly paired tape. Potions' music is light dance-vibed electronic music with some smooth tones. Good stuff as usual from the man behind PAR. Ghostandthesong is a completely different experience and one helluva listening side. Berlin's Matthias Kanik mixes 60s trippy grooves, free jazz, and audio manipulation on his side (which, apparently, is something new for him as a musician) and wow...I dig it! Three jams aren't enough for me...I'd recommend paying attention to Kanik and hopefully we'll hear some more quality sides from him in the near future.

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