Kirschstein - S/T (Brave Mysteries)

Brave Mysteries is one of the first cassette labels I remember reading about when I caught the tape label/music thang awhile back. This label cares about their releases and artists. Kirschstein's eponomyous album is a very bizarre ride. Acoustic guitar mountain music riffs are mixed with electronic beats are mixed with loops and samples that sound kinda like latter period Can without the "rock" backbone. According to the label it took some eight years to complete the album as it was, "
originally started in Essen, Germany, in 2003. Kirschstein features a small circle of kindred spirits hidden throughout Europe, many of whom  seem to wish to remain in the shadows, and these songs were slowly assembled from a combination of free jam sessions and long-distance collaborations." I would say this is a successful long distance relationship. Dig in to the mystery...

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