Year of the Lips - Cannon Street Road's Feedback Rituals (Teflon Beast)

“Cannon Street Road’s Feedback Rituals” is a collection of songs by Year of the Lips (Gab Marras) put to tape. The tape starts off with a quick electronic whir that leaves the listener defenseless, I like! “Cannon Street Roads” the first track on the tape is a relentless onslaught of avant garde electronics mixed with guitar that makes for sensory overload. Marras continues to trick the listener throughout side A by lulling you into drone slumber then immediately hitting you over the head with aggressive drum machine patterns. This stuff reminds me of an infinitely more melancholy dark wave Aphex Twin, with fewer hooks. There are vocals and organ like things that pitter-patter in on the b-side but I don’t think it benefits this tape.

This tape is best when it is raw, visceral and aggressive. A distant memory the crushes you every time you think about it. Check this work out! 

Listen Here