ALOSI DEN “How to Live Forever” C34
(Desert Home Recordings)

I’m not supposed to like this. Over the past … I don’t know how long, I’ve really become a guitar music curmudgeon, and paisley psychedelic faire isn’t often welcome on the menu. It’s not really anything against an entire genre – I’m known to care about Pink Floyd periodically, even if my arguments tend to be halfhearted because I don’t want to get anyone in trouble. Either that or I just want to talk about something else, because what’s the point of talking about Pink Floyd in this modern era? Still, if you tell me you’re a Pink Floyd fan, that’s cool, we can hang. I’ve seen Wizard of Oz soundtracked by Dark Side. Whatever. It’s fine.

Alosi Den does a really good Pink Floyd impression. It’s also a good impersonation of The Flaming Lips during those moments where the Lips let the thread slip and just allow their psychedelics to hang in the air for a bit. The Bostonians are pretty subdued in their approach, each player getting in the others’ headspace before the results bloom in jammy ecstasy, like they do on the later moments of the tape, “For the Hunted” and “Memorize the Sun.” I can’t say this enough – I’m typing these words, looking at them, and listening to the music again as I do it, and not believing how much I’m digging this. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

Forget it – I’m giving in and not caring. Alosi Den has channeled the spirit of the Lips, and the Floyd, and even indie psych wannabes like early Built to Spill in places. It’s a fun exercise, and one that makes me realize that while I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting music to be pleasantly surprised by, I can also be pleasantly surprised by music I’d originally thought was past its sell-by date. Alosi Den, you have restored my faith in my own past! Thank you. Plus, I found this article while I was listening to the album – maybe we CAN live forever, like, for real, you guys!

--Ryan Masteller