RENTBOY “King of Knives” C59
(Albert’s Basement)

This tape is a just-short-of-an-hour long recording of a guy, his amplified electric guitar, and his thoughts, brought to you by “Albert’s Basement”, out of Melbourne, Australia. The lyrics are printed out on the J-Card. The last song, “The Princess”, has the lyrics “The Princess must die tonight…”, and they, like the previous hour’s like-themed lyrics, are all, also, captured, in carbon, along with this guy, Dan Cross’s amplified electric guitar, and his understated singing. The singing is a little understated, a little lower in the mix, if you will, which is maybe why all the lyrics are, all, printed, on the J-Card, the J-Card, which is included with the tape. Did I mention that this just-short-of-an-hour long tape is from Melbourne, Australia? This guy, Dan Cross, from Australia (Melbourne, exactly) had not officially recorded/released some of these songs for 14 years before releasing them to the public, now. Now, here they are, caught on carbon, ready for you to listen to, to this guy, and his guitar, and his thoughts, from Melbourne, Australia. Between Lawrence English’s Room40 label and Silverchair, I’d definitely say that Rentboy, which is Dan Cross, from/near Melbourne, Australia, is much closer to, but certainly not a carbon copy of, the latter. There is only one song to sample on the link below, but, I assure you, that all words/guitar chord/strummings were from/near Melbourne, Australia.

- - Jacob An Kittenplan