MASON MERCER “God’s Creatures” C15 (God’s Creatures Records)

Sometimes you get a hankering for some lo-fi experimental indie folk, don’t you? You’re sitting there, eating lunch, drinking from your grape juice box, and then you’re like, “Hey, where the heck did I put all my tapes? The ones that I made on my Tascam. Let’s master those!”

Mason Mercer has a knack for making the studio, or “studio” depending on where he actually did the recording, work to his advantage, piling on all kinds of effects that mask the basic guitar-and-vocal tracks underneath. He’s pretty inventive, and on God’s Creatures he pushes his limitations to their logical extremes. It’s a bit Sebadoh (with Loewenstein at the helm), a bit early Beck (without the rap), a bit Animal Collective (without the insane outward expressions or kitchen-sink approach to electronics). So those are some positives.

God’s Creatures is quite listenable, and fairly unassuming. It doesn’t often get in your face. I read a review name-dropping Monster Magnet and Marilyn Manson. I just have to say – what? I think you were listening to the wrong tape dude. Whatevs.

I could take a moment to dig into the lyrics, but after a quick scan, I’ve decided I’m not reading them. I’m not really a lyric guy, and if they’re bad, they’ll pretty much spoil the whole thing for me. These might be bad. I have no idea though. Read at your own risk. I have a feeling they’re too serious and will spoil the mood.

--Ryan Masteller