“Birth” C30
(Rok Lok Records)

There’s a certain kind of person who is able to enjoy a band/artist like Restaurnaut (definitely [sic]), but I am not that kind of person. In fact, I could barely get beyond track 1 before this thing bore into my skull like an unwanted parasite. The press describes Restaurnaut as “an indie jug band as it revels in playing a unique, hodge podge brand of bedroom pop that is as infectious as it is adventurous. With a ukulele, a drum machine, layers of vocals and touches of keyboard, Restaurnaut's Nick Dolezal creates a brand of lo-fi bedroom pop that has a folk ting at times.” Yeah, I like the sound of that OK – an indie jug band! I wish it were that simple. It’s just that the vocals are mixed so high that every little nuance and flaw is magnified so greatly that it’s impossible for me to enjoy. I do warn, this comes from a person who would rather not read lyrics – lyrics and vocals ruin a song far easier than instrumentation or recording technique. Best leave ’em cloaked in something, mix ’em down, or get rid of ’em altogether.

I did not like this tape. Doesn’t mean it’s not for you, you fan of “Furniture Huschle, Half Handed Cloud, and Charlie McAlister,” you. (Quote from press materials.)

--Ryan Masteller