"Indoor Voice” (Field Hymns)

 The way Cassette Gods works is that labels and artists from all over inundate a central office with their tape mailings, in the hopes of showcasing their music through the magic of journalistic acrobatics. Once the lovingly packaged music is ripped open by the mailroom ogre, the tapes are heaved onto an ever-growing mountain, and a handful are selected here and there by unfathomable bipeds and periodically sent to the intrepid writers.* Your tape might be reviewed by the excellent Jacob An Kittenplan, or maybe the renowned Roy Blumenfeld, or possibly the magical Adam Padavano. If you’re really lucky, your tape will be sent to me.

Three Fourths Tigers, this is your lucky day.

Weird thing, though, is that I also run a little old blog called THE CRITICAL MASSES (all caps today for some reason), so there’s a small chance that I’ll have already received and reviewed your release for that site. In this instance, Three Fourths Tigers, this is not your lucky day, because I already reviewed this tape for the ol’ CM. Or wait – maybe it is your lucky day because we all get to relive that excellent initial review! Yeah, I’ll go with that one. So without further ado, and again in all caps because this is my thing, I bring you:


You guys are really gonna love it if you haven’t seen it before. Here are some snippets:

Indoor Voice is jam packed with burbly clusters and taffy-stretched tone, synthesizers roiling through landscapes like magic mist and causing new and interesting flora and fauna to spring forth from the earth in a neon glaze of demonstrative glory.”

“In truth, Indoor Voice plays like the soundtrack to Earth of the future, the post-first-contact, post-terraforming, post-ESP-evolution Earth where human beings no longer look human (to our eyes), so we drop the ‘human’ and simply refer to them as ‘beings.’”

“[F]ortunately, the confines of Earth no longer bind us, and we’re able to treat visitors from other planets, like those arriving in ‘Other Landings,’ with the dignity and respect they deserve, not with a tense military show of force. You’ve seen Mars Attacks! right? Yeah, not like that.”

Consider your whistles wetted! Get on over there, you scamps.

*This probably isn’t how the Cassette Gods office really works. Probably.

Field Hymns

Three Fourths Tigers

--Ryan Masteller