Thursday, March 24, 2016

“Dymaxion Life Assemblage” (Hyle Tapes)

Limited edition typically implies the short production run in comparison offers consumers a chance at something special. In the case of the limited edition 50 tape pressing of D. Burke Mahoney and Persona Mercure’s split album “Dymaxion Life Assemblage”, I’m not sure how much larger the demand is.

Mahoney’s side is filled by drone heavy ambient compositions. It serves as good atmospheric listening material in the sense that it’s pleasant. But doesn’t provide much stimulation or interesting developments.

Persona Mercure opted to be a bit more variant and playful with the sounds explored on the b-side. It was still within the same realm as Mahoney’s material and the two make for good companions. Yet it also lacked any quality to compel me as a listener to care more about it.

Do more than 50 copies need to exist? Doesn’t matter. Because Paris label Hyle Tapes only made 50. So go grab a copy because you like the music and/or like owning something hand numbered from the link below.

-- Roy Blumenfeld


  1. If Blumenfeld doesn't like something, there's a good chance that I will. If he likes something, good chance I'll hate it. I just wish he'd put forth a little bit of effort when he's writing about something he doesn't get. It's lazy. How's about we get someone else to write about the noise tapes? Like, maybe someone who's a little better acquainted with noise? PS, D. Burke Mahoney's split with Hollowfonts is also great.

  2. I mean, he spends most of this writing about how this is a limited run release, as if that's something noteworthy in the tape world. It's filler so that he doesn't have to think about the actual content.

  3. It is nice to make your acquaintance Ricky Fartin. I am glad to have a gassy, angry noise fanboy making a stink. As your foil I suppose I should keep my last initial but drop the rest and assume the new identity of "Roy Beano". May my tendency to have disdain for the things you like be the enzyme-based dietary supplement that keeps you in check.

    Im glad to serve as a tastemaker for you. I will keep honestly stating in my reviews when I dislike something and through that you can discover your new favorite acts while writing in your diary about how much more enlightened you are then me. I only mentioned the limited edition status because Hyle Tapes decided to specifically state that it was. Of course it isn't noteworthy typically. But in this case the label decided to make it a thing. Given how unremarkable I found either side to be I decided to have fun with that. On a similar note, despite the fact you think I am so unremarkable at reviewing tapes it is nice to see you still decided to have some fun with me!