Turf Haus “Demo 2015” C30 (Papermade Records)

So I have this theory: the first three songs on an album will give you a pretty wholesome idea regarding the music that the album entails.

I tested the theory out, and it seems to have worked pretty well. Alright fellow citizens of the musical orient, let’s start dissecting those three tracks here:

Woah. What’s up with that first track?“Bury Me” opens with a cute little tune played over the light air of background static. Then someone starts singing. These vocals have been overlayed twice and one of them is compressed so hard that in any other situation it would sound out-of-place and annoying, but it blends so well with the music so far that you go with it. The product isn’t just tolerable, it’s pleasing. Then they go and add chimes. Chimes! Who doesn’t love a good chime? Not me, certainly!

“---“ is a metal song. Crazy, I know. This is like some sort of watered down thrash metal song reminiscent of those crazy high school days, where the goths would mosh quietly off in the corner by the never-been-used janitor’s closet. I’m sure I’d enjoy it more if it rendered in more than half a kbps. But it gives you some idea of the other songs on the tape.

“Skuller Drum” is soft and combines the elements of experimental rock and the features of electronica music with the song of a classic rock artist. Can you picture it? A lonely man singing in an empty, windy, mystical city, where his guitar is his only company and he uses the static sounds of the surrounding generators to beautify his craft. It’s a moving sight. It’s a moving sound.

The album is more punksperimental than metal. It’s not that bad an album. It’s not something I’d buy personally, but I can appreciate their craft. #ymmv


–M. Syed