Thursday, March 31, 2016

“To Make the Sun Hurt” C37
(Antiquated Future Records)

Brilliant anachronistic artistry from Portland, Oregon! I’m throwing around the ‘A’ word here because the recording technique isn’t just ‘lo-fi’ for trend/economy’s sake, but straight up Alan-Lomax-style blown-out edges and ¼” tape hiss…but with the very same careful treatment given the organic, acoustic instruments as the Electro-Acoustic Feedback and sparsely employed reverb gain and tape manipulation! Truly a visionary for that whole ‘freakfolk’ scene to take note of, though I’m damned if I could figure out a way to make this work live.  If you’ve ever heard anything like this before, please let me know; I want more!

Hints of: Leonard Cohen, Lee Hazelwood, ethnomusicology, Sunny Day Real Estate (that’s right), subtle/harsh noise, badass.

Note*: It took me many a listen before I was in the mood for this. It sure ain’t a Friday Night Jam or Tuesday Night Study Date Soundtrack or Sunday Morning Yoga Guide. Try A Saturday Afternoon Life Sneering Context w/ Self or maybe a Wednesday Post Work Examination of Wrist Skin Thickness. Either way you slice it, this tape is amazing and I am so very glad they re-issued it and I got it and not Ryan Masteller, who got that goddamn Braeyden Jay/Sister Grotto split (also) from Antiquated Future. We’re both lucky I guess.


- - Jacob An Kittenplan