“To Make the Sun Hurt” C37
(Antiquated Future Records)

Brilliant anachronistic artistry from Portland, Oregon! I’m throwing around the ‘A’ word here because the recording technique isn’t just ‘lo-fi’ for trend/economy’s sake, but straight up Alan-Lomax-style blown-out edges and ¼” tape hiss…but with the very same careful treatment given the organic, acoustic instruments as the Electro-Acoustic Feedback and sparsely employed reverb gain and tape manipulation! Truly a visionary for that whole ‘freakfolk’ scene to take note of, though I’m damned if I could figure out a way to make this work live.  If you’ve ever heard anything like this before, please let me know; I want more!

Hints of: Leonard Cohen, Lee Hazelwood, ethnomusicology, Sunny Day Real Estate (that’s right), subtle/harsh noise, badass.

Note*: It took me many a listen before I was in the mood for this. It sure ain’t a Friday Night Jam or Tuesday Night Study Date Soundtrack or Sunday Morning Yoga Guide. Try A Saturday Afternoon Life Sneering Context w/ Self or maybe a Wednesday Post Work Examination of Wrist Skin Thickness. Either way you slice it, this tape is amazing and I am so very glad they re-issued it and I got it and not Ryan Masteller, who got that goddamn Braeyden Jay/Sister Grotto split (also) from Antiquated Future. We’re both lucky I guess.


- - Jacob An Kittenplan