"Salt Night" C14
(Vanity Records)

This seems to be the only release under the BCPB banner, and, after some see-ree-uss googlin’, I’m gonna assume the BADASS Emma Hendrix is behind more than just recording it, as is credited per bandcamp. If you’re into electro-acoustic explorations & weirdo synth shit, zhe’s your new bff. Peruse EH’s website below. Now, onto this specific release.

It’s only 2 tracks, spanning a quarter of an hour, but that time in meditation goes flying by. Track 1, “Three Chords” is exactly that, all at once, for pretty much 8 minutes. Sound boring? Well, the devil is in the details, and the devil’s organ reeds get all types of feisty. Think Charlemagne Palestine’s legendary overtone-worship of “Schlingen-Blangen”. Turn it up and walk around the room.

The second track, “Four Notes”, is, you guessed it, just that, and so much more, but this time around with pedal-rich guitar plodding. The mantra leads you down the road contemplating, “Yes, four separate notes, but none isolated, none existing without the support and distraction of the others.”

Sure, this all sounds like a bunch of new age horse-shit if you’re not into it, but I suggest you find some decent speakers and/or headphones and give it some deep consideration. In a world of predictable formulas, Emma Hendrix is sharing with us strength in patience and nuance. Thank you!