MOON LAGOON "How Do I Get Out Of Here" (5nakefork Records)

Moon Lagoon is a 14 track offering with titles ranging from fifty-two seconds to the end piece, which weighs in at 14:12. There is no track listing on the tape casing, so it's helpful to have the Bandcamp page open while listening.

The first thing noticeable is what incredible sound and texture he gets using the voice memo app as a recording unit. Opening side one is a dreamy collage that may or may not have some distant guitar in the mix. It's a lovely piece and it's obvious that this is not going to be your run-of-the-mill experimental/ electronica. This segues smoothly into the next selection, which, while starkly different, nonetheless continues the smooth sailing features on the previous cut. Moon Lagoon's use of synth instigated effects is outstanding, clearly Colby has a keen ear for layering. This music could easily be implemented in film as well.

Careful not to prolong a good thing, the artist builds know a soundscape, reaches the sired heights and promptly weaves into the next track-maintaining the mood, but shifting the design. Several listens through brought me to to the apt conclusion that this, as an electronic soundscape, is stunning and well, beautiful. Repeated listens continue to bring out fresh ideas as to allow the listener almost a new experience with each playback.

The tape doesn't offer much in the way of information but does include a download code so I followed that to Bandcamp and found some additional data. Moon Lagoon is Colby Dean Short.
He recorded this, his first solo release, using only a voice memo app. Very interesting. A digital album exists but here we are focused on this limited edition tape run of 54 cassettes (this one is number 24).

This was released in 2015, so it's not clear if the tape version is still available but for those not format strict, the download version is still up as of this writing. If you are a fan of electronica/noise/soundscape this tape is highly recommended. Brilliant work...

-- Bob Zilli