Hendiadys offer a live recording, "XI" on side two of this split tape.I was greeted with a slowly and thoughtfully building "assault" that led way to a feedback drone (maybe keyboard activated).  The piece meanders, ever so slowly, as the textures evolve and introduced noises fade in and out. Well executed and constructed, my only criticism was wishing at times it moved along a little quicker.

With this I should elaborate. I mostly do electronic/ experimental reviews. I collect these tapes well beyond what I review here and have hundreds that I treasure. In listening, I have concluded, that like any other music, or art for that matter, you make your statement and move on. Unless your intent is to accent the monotony of a segment, there is no use in hanging on a region past it's effectiveness. Determining this is part of what separates the good from the great.

Applying this to this piece, the middle section grows a bit slowly though later regions seem to get the idea and expand and explore within their parameters quite well. This could have been an outstanding fifteen minute offering but as it exists it is a very good twenty-plus minute piece.

Flipping the tape over (yes, I actually do that) we have Prairie-Litiere. This untitled piece from the French outfit starts in with a beat and some shuffling. Something is clearly in the making here. What you get is for the most part, minimalist experimentalism. A landscape building in that initial beat until it drowns it out with screeching tension building and madcap rumbling.

I must admit the franticness of the piece is nearly intoxicating. Every injection is well suited for the moment it is in. And then suddenly it ends. We hear movement, more shuffling, this time I'm ready though...still ready...still more shuffling...voices...movement...ahhh, now a tone has been interjected. Please refer to paragraph two concerning the length of a segment in a piece.

After some time percussion enters the scenario and a more butler screeching/feedback altercation begins. Conflict. It's building now...and then it ends.

The artists here have much in common. They are both highly adept at placement and have a good understanding of the importance of dynamics in music and art. Both also tend to stretch a good thing out a bit longer than necessary. That said, the tape is a good one and I look forward to hearing more from these very promising artists.

-- Bob Zilli

C60 tape with handmade packaging with 160g colored paper. Lettering and outside/inside collages only made using found images and xerox manipulations, no digital processing involved. Limited 40 copies. shipping out on or around November 7, 2016