EARTHEATER “Metalepsis” (Hausu Mountain)

Hey, I know everybody’s talking about “IRISIRI” and whatnot these days, and why wouldn’t you, but let’s slip in our time machine and set the dial for February 24, 2015, the release date of “Metalepsis,” and think about that one for a minute, shall we? It’s the one that started it all, the relationship between Alexandra Drewchin and HausMo, the golden time of strange heavenly alchemy. That time is over, as “IRISIRI” is on PAN, but still! Eartheater + Hausu Mountain = radiant delight.

Don’t be a dumbass ass donkey; get yourself a copy of “Metalepsis” and remember your roots! Mine are German, mostly, with some Hungarian and French thrown in there. I’m a mutt.


Hausu Mountain