“The Place of Dead Roads” C30

This is how we’re going to do this. 

We’re gonna strap in. We’re gonna get ready. Because The Electric Nature is back, it’s in the air if you can feel it, in that muggy, awful Athens, Georgia, summertime atmosphere. The. Electric. Nature. Lightning shooting through distant clouds. It is moving toward us.

“The Place of Dead Roads” seems formless, a great remote mass. The trio – Michael Pierce, Michael Potter, Thom Strickland – makes an ever-intensifying racket, building to hurricane strength as their performance progresses, live and unaltered. The hair on your arms is sharp as tacks, erect and rigid as the power flows through you.

Believe in the power, in the sheer zen of utter obliteration. It’s so much bigger than anything, this cleansing destruction.

The Electric Nature