“Touched by an Angle #2”
(Crash Symbols)

“Do you feel it?,” Crash Symbols asks us about the second edition of their “Touched by an Angle” compilation series, a series that should be added to much more often than it currently is. At this rate, volume 3 will be out in 2022. That’s too long to wait.

“Do you feel it?” 

Yes, I feel it. God, stop asking!

Before I start quoting “Hott Fuzz” at a constant clip this morning, because that’s the only thing that comes to mind when the angel/angle thing (always hilariously) makes an appearance (and God help my family, I really AM gonna quote “Hott Fuzz” all day now), I need you to all pop in this tape and take your mind off swans, slashers, and “the greater good.” For my sake.

That’s it, let the Crash Symbols-y goodness flow over you. You’re familiar at this point, aren’t you? This wonderful label knows exactly what it’s doing in the world of underground electronic music, dropping knowledge on noise and drone to dance pop and back without even batting an eye. And with “Touched by an Angle #2,” not only are we treated to some label stalwarts (the incomparable Don Gero, YlangYlang, and Ratkiller, who have released some of my favorite tapes on the label), we’re also treated to some newcomers, who have released some of my favorite tapes on other labels. Let’s do a quick roundup of those, shall we?

I’ve loved Me, Claudius’s “Reasons for Balloons” on Dinzu Artefacts, and I wrote about it here.

I’ve written about Új Bála too, twice in fact, once for “Butcher’s Tears Dry Slower than the Average One’s” and once for “Breatharian High Society.” Do not sleep on Új Bála anymore!

Have I written about former_airline? I sure have.

There’s even been a Frank Hurricane sighting!

So yeah, those are just a handful of artists on this massive 26-tune tracklist that make the purchase of this tape absolutely ESSENTIAL for your Crash Symbols collection. Somebody from something called “Ruix Zine” even referred to it “equal parts label sampler and eclectic mixtape.” That person is not wrong. Buy in to what Crash Symbols is doing, and buy in soon, before it’s too late.

Crash Symbols