Rush Falknor manhandles a sax (I think) on his side of this devilish split on Orb Tapes. Stretching out the drone of the instrument, distorting it, manipulating it, and rendering it completely unrecognizable in the process, Falknor shows a gawking roomful of noiseniks how it’s done. Yes, this was recorded live in 2019. Yes, you can hear banter before the horn blows. Yes, it sounds like an intentional electroacoustic addition. The path Rush’s side takes to get to its windswept droning final act is a remarkable one filled with left turns and incredible secrets. “One more!” “Encore!” the crowd shouts at the end of the second performance. Encore indeed.
Encore we get, but it’s a Moth Bucket encore! The duo of Kevin Sims and James Searfoss knocked this one out live too, but back in 2018, at something called Ballroom Sonics 1. Moth Bucket slink through a mist of restrained feedback and warped inputs, weird amplified objects resonating with electrical impulse. Voices appear and stutter and warp, promoting a sense of unreality. The ’Bucket maintain their performance at a crouch, peering from behind their setup to see if anyone’s paying attention, but trying really hard not to be seen. Don’t worry, guys, everyone’s paying attention. Everyone’s rapt and focused on the details. You do not disappoint.