SQRTSIGIL “Grayscale” (Antenna Non Grata)


Taking electronic minimalism to the next level, Polish artist Maciek Jaciuk drops Grayscale, the color equivalent of electronic minimalism. Sometimes, when the world’s against you (well, against everyone, really), you just need to sit back, strap on some headphones, and pop in a tape that’s simply going to sound like you’re listening to electronically translated functions of your own body within the confines of your own head. It’s surprisingly tranquil, like you’re in Fantastic Voyage but no white blood cells are trying to expel you through the anus of the person you’re zooming around in. That’s what Fantastic Voyage was about, right?
But seriously, headphones are a must for a SqrtSigil release, because you’re not living until you’ve experienced nuance. And nuance at this level. I’m a sucker for experimental electronic releases that beg you to follow them over all sorts of crazy terrain, and Grayscale is one that presents a fractured path that must be pieced together as you traverse it. It’s minimal but dense, intricate. Its color palette is deceiving – there’s actually some hidden picture action going on here. Figure it out for yourself!