SQRTSIGIL “New Technologies Require Sacrifices” (Tone Burst)


Polish artist Maciek Jaciuk stirs a soup of minimal electronic burbles as Sqrtsigil, periodically lifting his ladle from the mix and tasting what’s cooking, letting it coat his palate, nodding in approval, and going back to stirring again. This process doesn’t require a lot of quick action, but much intentional, contemplative movement. Jaciuk has been doing this for a while too, and it’s nice to be able peek in on the master chef at work and see what he’s up to.
On New Technologies Require Sacrifices, Jaciuk guides his ingredients into the proper configurations, letting everything simmer until it’s perfectly prepared. The process of combination and experimentation yields surprising results, and is captivating to behold. Texture and flavor merge to initiate a spiritual experience, one that lifts the spirits while simultaneously turning one inward. New Technologies gets on in there, and is quite difficult to shake! Now, what kind of sacrifice are we talking about here?