Oh great, just what the world needs: two random acts thrown together on a red C40. Just kidding! That IS what the world needs. Apple Snails’ side is pretty freaky. Muffled nothingness oozing into waves of hissy tar. Haha…what a phrase! I can’t imagine that helps much. Ok, it’s basically four obscure pieces of dark ambience, edited on a computer and layered with scary/gothy sound effects. The M.A.o.G. is apparently a lady from Austin I believe, and her stuff is on the folkier end of the spectrum, lots of acoustic stringed things being plucked and fucked with. It sounds like there’s autoharp playing on most songs…plenty of flute and shakers too. Could be confused with a few of those Finnish folk-drone bands from back when. Or not. Some nice sparkling meadow-lolling vibes that would be cool stretched across her own full-length. Cover has a sweet Jeremy Earl drawing of what looks like a basketball backboard-and-hoop ringed by feathers.