JOSH LAY "Hater of Life" (Peasant Magik)

One half of demonic sludge duo Cadaver in Drag on a solo tour of the abyss. The serpentine beast surrounded by inverted crosses on the cover tells you everything you need to know. Seriously, this is one of the most evil things you could listen to right now. The two long tracks which make up "Hater of Life" (appropriately, "Hater" and "Life") make no attempt to pull your head from oppressive torrents of bass and feedback unless it's to shriek with inhuman cacophony. Someone must have slipped a recorder into the middle of an epic subterranean battle where an ax-wielding Neanderthal was chopping giant snake heads with a vengeance. Attempting to pick out individual sounds in this river of horrid mud is pointless, and even if you succeeded you wouldn't feel good about it. Fans of CID or any Chondritic Sound releases should consider this mandatory.