GOLIATH BIRD EATER "Brahmans" (Nurse Etiquette)

Back in the slaughterhouse, and it feels AWESOME. Existential riff death from Eagle Rock’s reclusive metal oracle, Bobb Bruno. Brahmans picks up where Blood Venus let off, burrowing down into thick inner earth magma, erecting amplifier sludge into portentous doom monuments. The A side (“Lanzarse”) builds from bleak, wasted guitar gauze into a thundering, tectonic, the-sky-is-falling riff-crescendo, before pitching into the void, slowly falling into black infinity. And that’s just the A SIDE!!!! The B (“Brahmans”) zone is another slab of visionary electric heaviness, dead pulsing gravity splatter-painted with subtle free/tribal percussion. This would totally be on my “Best of 2007” list – if I ever made one of those (doubtful).