RYAN GARBES - "Endless Bummer" (Night People)

Wow. Really beautiful debut curveball from Raccoo-oo-oon’s drummer. The A side sounds exactly like a Mindflayer cover, which I mean as a compliment. Garbled noise chaos puked all over fierce free percussion attacks, recorded really raw so the speakers buckle under the audio assault. Then a baffling acoustic slide guitar overdub bleeds in and fingerpicks around while the drum kit gets hyperactively brutalized in the background. The B track continues with the rambling acoustic guitar weirdness, but the percussion here is sparser, and harsher. Slowly everything frays into a brambly briar patch of spiky noise and muffled metal. I don’t quite get what Garbes is hoping this sounds like, but whatever fucked psych-improv-hybrid this is, I think it rules. Another radical question mark from the Night People camp.