SLOWLISTENER "Bad Coffee Day" (Peasant Magik)

"Bad Coffee Day" marks the impressive first release for this UK group of moldy-circuit misfits. Another winner in the Peasant Magik packaging department with quirky b&w drawings by illustrator James Ulmer on thick textured paper, a notice you're entering a foreign village. "Terrible Down" starts off with melodic static filled humming and evolves into a slow jam with harmonious kitchen appliances. There's a mid-to-late 90s ambient-IDM vibe on here, only much grainier and lo-fi. "Ondras" is like HAM radio with a meditative dryer and organ duet in the background. Slowlistener is most likely a synth group, but they must have some affinity for incidental machine noise, which is a good thing. My nomination for best track title this year is the closer "Holidays Are For People Who Hate Their Life." Fans of Family Underground, Frozen Corpse or similar outfits would dig this for sure.