PILLARS OF HEAVEN “Silver Tusks Vol. 1” (Peasant Magik)

Know nothing about this band/project, and next to nothing about this label, and I don’t have the internet right now so that’s not gonna change. But I do know I could listen to this shit all day long (or at least until I pass out). Spaced and melancholy and hazy, like doing drugs in the early afternoon. Upswelling strings, blissed vocal clouds, slow dives into silver memories. P of H cut the psychedelic crap here, and go straight for the NEW AGE jugular. This is music for people with rainsticks. Lots of them. Maybe even a rainstick keychain. And those people are great, really into tripped out shit and nature imagery, just like most good psych bands. In fact, the only bummers about this tape are: 1) one-sided, and 2) the art is just plain floral wall-paper, like the kind used in bathrooms at snobby French restaurants (theory: maybe that’s where Pillars of Heaven played their first show?!).