ARGUMENTIX "Nightmarcher" (Below PDX)

Slooowed field recordings, radio fuzz and all-around dingy 4-track nonsense from the Portland label Below PDX. Is this "sound poetry?" Well, in that whole can o' worms that Nurse With Wound and cohorts opened up, "Nightmarcher" falls on that end. The best vocals remind me of Golum having an existential crisis (wasn't he already?); preferable to other sections where homeboy is ranting artistically about being overcharged for dinner. Select moments with gross-out throat junk or lonely train horns (one of my favorite things) are compelling enough, but as per the norm with this fast-paced collage stuff the goods vanish on impact. Congrats due for the sweet packaging featuring a screen-printed wallpaper (!) insert and a classy color-coordinated spraypaint and sticker combo on the cassette. If only texture was a consideration for more people, this world would be a better place.