NNCK “The Large Taquat” (Fuck It Tapes)

Wow. Jeremy Earl pulls some Fuck It strings and scores 11-year old archival No Neck recordings for this historical C37. NNCK are definitely a band who left me in the dust so long ago, discography-wise, that I haven’t really heard much of the past 3-5 years worth of releases/albums. So it’s a treat to get this. Can’t tell if it’s all just live in the practice space, or if the tracks were spliced together, but the editing/pacing is fantastic, way more thoughtful and focused than I think they’re often pegged as being. Plucked Asiatic strings give way to waves of flute drones and quiet hand drums…synth specters flutter in the rafters, bearded voices sing against the city. Communal brain-leeching in the style pioneered by NNCK (and Sunburned) inevitably produces some bored/boring passages where the gang’s each lost in their own respective K-holes, but most of Taquat has been shaved of hairy wankery. Overall, a poignant, faded Polaroid of this legendary crew of psych-squatters back in their younger days/daze. Swank glossy tri-fold J-card keeps the FIT standard up to par.