MYRTU “Ritual Terra Continuii” (Tipped Bowler)

Amp squeals, scraping violin strings, sampled voice babble, low-end rumblings: Myrtu have all the rough-hewn tools of the “baffle squad method” firmly in their toolbelt. The A side clatters and rambles in a shop-full-of-shit sorta style before a freak rolls in and starts riffing a drug-punk 2-note bassline which sounds out of place at first, but then it starts ruling, and then everyone else in the band starts to realize how much it’s ruling, so they stop what they’re doing and just start screaming, like “GO!! YEAH!!! WHOA!!!” like it’s a soccer game (or a drinking game). One guy keeps rattling some dirty dishes percussion but basically everyone’s done jamming, they’re just watching the bass player go apeshit and headbanging to their own song. Cool! They keep trucking on the B track, constant bass-sludge death-crawl riffing…like if the DNA of Independent Worm Saloon gestated into New Zealand fake-Satan black-acid occultists (instead of Austin butthole suicide wastoids). Fucked up. Gross. Awesome.