TASKMASTER "Get Dead" (Rundownsun)

So Rundownsun puts out the most consistently elegant cassettes in the underground these days. They’re seriously beautiful, well designed, well dubbed. This Taskmaster tape, however, bothers the hell out of me. Not because it isn’t good—it is. But within the folds of the nicely screened j-card is a copy of a permit to cultivate marijuana in Canada. What the hell? This is harsh noise. You’re not in Smegma, dude. I don’t care if you smoke weed, I just don’t wanna know about it. The downfall of the wall aesthetic may very well be brought about by an association with stoney space-out jammyness. We shouldn’t be able to credit the noise’s unchanging nature to the fact that its creator is blazed out of his gourd and forgot to twist the knobs. Anyway: the tape itself is really damned good. It sounds fucking huge. Side B, especially, sounds like a nuclear holocaust observed from hundreds of miles away.