ISRAELI INTELLIGENCE "Disingenuous" (Parsimoneous Recurrence)

What appears to be the house band (or one of a few?) of this questionably titled label (not to go all [sic] on anyone if it was a creative decision) has released some really decent splattered and frantic junk noise. "Disingenuous" is delivered with violent methods but its real spirit isn't too serious. The gross squeals and yowls which randomly bob from the epileptic pandemonium are more goofy than threatening. It's also kept short and to the point, which is always a good thing and warrants multiple plays. The package equals the griminess of the sound with a "spray paint everything black" philosophy.

For whoever cares: if you google "parsimoneous," you get this label and a bunch of entries for the "parsimoneous modeling of yield curves for US Treasury bills."