WEREWOLF JERUSALEM "Surrounded By Fangs" (Rundownsun)

Apt artwork—the j-card: mostly white. The noise: mostly white. While everyone in noise hops on the “total crunch obsession” bandwagon, Richard Ramirez’s Werewolf Jerusalem project spends two sides of this c26 investigating the nature of hiss. The sound source for these pieces seems to be white noise (in the mathematical sense, as opposed to the Don DeLillo sense) which is altered slightly throughout. Ramirez brings up certain frequency ranges, distorts them, pulls out others—it’s all quite subtle. Hiss, a nice EQ, some compression—which is to say that I like it quite a bit. It is an unusual sound, not something most harsh heads are interested in these days, but becomes quite haunting and evocative in its own windy way. Super highly recommended.