CHILD PORNOGRAPHY “Huff Some Jesus” (Barf Records)

Weird-ass postal-collab conceptual CP C11 with Erin mainly doing solo stuff on side A and Brizzah captaining the B music. Erin starts his piece of the puzzle off with a very Child P-sounding casio spazz-out, but the 2nd track moves into oscillating noise territory, with beats buried in static and incomprehensible vocals fighting against thick formless mixer haze. Hostile and brief. In direct contrast, Brizzah’s side begins with a playful, bouncy keyboard workout with Erin overdubbing some reverby talk-song. But it’s the second track where CP’s two polarities bond most fully. Brizzah’s casio melody is stripped and hypnotic and the barking vocal calisthenics hop up and down with the rhythm in a satisfying, synchronized way. The most surprising thing about this tape is how much it sounds like Child Pornography, despite the geographic distance and mail-art aspect. Great and weird like all the best Barf. Epic collage fold-out J-card gives ya something to read while you listen. (Allegedly there’s Deep Jew remix of something on side B, but if so, it must last about 5 seconds, cause I didn’t even notice it).