WE QUIT! "s/t" (Stop + Rewind)

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this tape and this band. I heard hints of pop music witnessing them live, but in that setting they seem somewhat disorganized – the vocals don’t come together as they imagine they should. This tape, on the other hand, presents solid short pop tunes that are cohesive, well-recorded and seriously hyper-active. What seems like a bit of an undifferentiated blur live, here, makes perfect sense. Male / female vocal exchanges sound optimistic and light, but the stop-and-go breaks in their songs are strange enough to distinguish them from other pop crews. There are eleven tracks of chant along bass and drum rumble that clock in at under a minute a piece. It’s a worthwhile solid tape, that is fun, sunny and overamped. The funny thing is, I could only make out the vaguest idea that they were a pop band live - I kinda thought they had no-wave influences.