WEIRD. This is a tape of what-the-FUCK by Vito Acconci, the artist best known for “Seedbed,” an installation where he hid under a gallery-wide ramp masturbating while muttering into a loudspeaker all his erotic fantasies about the gallery-goers walking around above him. Sound normal? Well this tape is in keeping with that vibe. It’s audio from a November 1972 gallery installation in Paris, and it’s basically a bunch of voices lewdly whispering a handful of repeating phrases about “bad dreams” and “I’ve never had a sister” and “there’s no one to turn to” and other psychoanalyst-couch ambiguities. This tape was given to all the labels that participated in the Leaderless cassette exhibition in New York in May as…”thanks,” I guess. Um, “you’re welcome?” For fans of feeling insane.