GLOCHIDS “Ca. 1999” (Workout Tapes)

James R. from Tent City handed me this tape at the Raccoo-oo-oon show at Echo Curio last month but I only got around to listening to it now. That was clearly a bum move on my part, as this tape is fantastic. Minimalist solo casio compositions that echo and loop and smear around in violet spirals and neon zig-zags. Very reminiscent of Orphan Fairytale’s sparser stuff, and that comparison is not invoked lightly. Apparently these recordings are from 1999 (hence the title) so I don’t know if Glochids still sounds like this or not, but somewhere online I read a classic hilarious quote from John Ryan of Tent City/Soft Shoulder (who runs Workout Tapes) describing Glochids as “dreamynatureglitchcore.” Is that helpful? These are private dream sequences of bedroom electronics, playful, confusing, and as priceless as a pile of tie-dyed pillows. Dive into this one. The art is next-level rad too: hand-painted tape with full-color cardstock J-card and color-washed strip of cloth affixed to the case. More please!