SHEPIS "We'll Never Be Done" (Deep Fried Tapes)

Shepis keeps a low profile, turning up much less information (zero) than the horror movie actress who might be the group's namesake. Mystery band or not, Shepis fits perfectly with the rest of the DFT roster on this outing which captures a little less than 20 minutes of a live set. Attempting to describe what's being played is difficult and kind of pointless, since the best part- halfway through the first side and into the next- is when the elements slide into total murk, perfectly balanced between rumbling bass sludge, grunts and aimless high-pitched squelches. It's intuitive, slow and foreboding. Unfortunately the second half fades out before the finale, breaking the spell of the live recording and leaving behind the question of how it ended. Altogether not bad, though. This could be the grossest looking DFT yet that I've been afraid to put in the deck (still works). What is that, algae?