Dave Smolen "S/t" c1 (Breathmint)

Yep, you read it right, a 1 minute tape. Jeez! I just saw this guy play at INC and he was one of my favorites, really percussive electronics, so you can imagine how disheartened i was to discover this tape was the only thing of his available that night, though i still picked it up thinking, 'i wonder how anyone could approach the task of making two 30 second sides worth all that trouble.' Of course, it gets better, it's not even the full side and both sound really really similar, like someone waking up in the middle of a gamelan riot, uh, for like 15 seconds, twice...

Luckily I picked up a bunch of other stuff from him that night because this would definitely not suffice when i was in a Smolen mood. Still, gotta give props to Breathmint for once again doing something that most people would not let sneak beyond the conception phase. Plus i've heard his request to the artists is "Gimme your best minute!" which i'm pretty fond of.

Comes in black and white cover on red paper.
Looks like Breathmint is in the process of getting the newest batch up so i'm not sure of the edition but check:
www.breathmint.net for more info.
Picture of Dave Smolen pulled from the site of the label he runs: