HORSE BOYS: s/t c40 (OSR Tapes)

Zach Phillips, Northeastern man about town and relentless musician breaks out his piano chops on this c-40 of lo-fi songsmithing. Zach can also be seen in bands like Cave Bears, Sord, Heat Wilson, Snake Guts, and his electronic project, Nals Goring, but this tape finds him cutting out all the extras and making simple but ideally produced songs, and a lot of them, 38 to be precise. Mostly titled with a structure of “What is ‘X’ Like”, the songs are sometimes fast and panicky, but mostly more relaxed, leisurely strolls across classic novels you’ve been meaning to read, think Erik Satie after a couple cups of coffee recording on a boom box at home. Gently peppered with some field recordings and tape collage, these songs could easily be the soundtrack to a Michel Gondry movie, best listened to with headphones on rainy afternoons, doing crossword puzzles or writing to friends.
Edition of 100, comes in a handmade sleeve with color copy insert.