DJ YO-YO DIETING "DRUM" c88 (Portland Bad Dateline / Cherried Out Merch)

Back in the halcyon days of hip hop as disco was losing its grip on popular culture and gangs and djs came together to jam parties and rival crews beefed over who was the baddest mc, had the best clothes or knew how to dance the hardest, the music at its core was celebratory. The mcs were bragging and boasting, the djs were working for turntable supremacy, the breakers were searching for the craziest moves and the graffiti kids were trying to throw up the newest letterings/pieces they could imagine.

Then in 2008 DJ Yo-Yo Dieting (bka Sisprum Vish outta the NWest) put out an 88 minute tape of slooooow sludgey worm swallowing music drawn from this legacy and more recently the exploits of grey tape magician DJ Screw. The sounds are nauseating, the tempo is near rigor mortis and the feelings you're left with are euphoria bordering on shame. What the eff happened? Blame it on political corruption and attendant civic alienation, hopelessness in the face of catastrophic global weather patterns or raw capitalism's endless pursuit of profit in the face of human suffering and ecological devastation. They all qualify but still leave me feeling hollow as to why i want to listen to Snoop D-O double G's voice at half speed while the female chorus (who now sounds like a man!) talks about what she wants done to her/him sexually, by a group of dudes.

Nope, no explanation why I keep listening, it just stays on repeat in my tape deck because i like the feeling of walking around with jelly fish under may ski-mask and wet cement in my boxers. Man, i don't know, listening to this tape is like prank calling your mother or something? Well, I've never done that but I do listen to this tape all the time.

Full color cover, see above.
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