Vucub Cane : "Voices of the Mourning" c26 (self released)

This is the mystery jam if there ever were one. Total demo style, cut and paste artwork on top of a crappy black photo copy, blank tape, no info except mr. cane played "drums, effects, vocals, guitars." My sources said it's "folk black metal" which had my ears perked and red with excitement and i wasn't disappointed.

The tape is actually one-sided and burns the whole way through, there are songs listed and instruments credited, but in all honesty it just sounds like a hot burning wall of desolation; 'vocals' totally blasted out and filling up the ear cavern with wailing ulcerated guitars coming in second to singe everything left standing after the vocal onslaught. The "drums" and "effects" credited are like air cavalry, never see em but you definitely feel em. The whole tape has a real bleak vibe and quality to it that aligns it in my mind with elements of black metal but some of the clarity is missing to put it over the top which to me is a good thing, it feels a lot more ethereal and as a result desperate because you don't know what the hell to do with the wave of body bags just thrown at you.

No contact info and not much online besides a few message board surfers trying to get a hold of it. Check yr local morgue for a copy maybe?