LYRTHAS: "Drink the Blood..." (self-released)

Lyrthas is the nom de plume of Lane Milburn, prominent member of the Closed Caption Comics group based in Baltimore, MD and formerly 1/3 of the black metal trio, Witch Hat. In this independent endeavor, Milburn modestly packages his work with all black & white materials, recycles major label tapes, and even notes that these are "demo recordings 2007-2008". I use the word "modest" because this feels like far too little for such an epic piece of work.
I'm not particularly familiar with metal in general beyond GWAR and Black Sabbath, but Milburn compares himself to Mercyful Fate, Destruction, and Accept. All I know is that this is what I wish all metal could be, 7 tracks and 24 minutes of super speed on one side that's over before you want it to be. Milburn does all of the instrumentation himself, playing guitar and drum machine (I think), as well as providing eerie vocals and the occasional organ accompaniment. This is basically like walking, no, RUNNING through a haunted house. Or woods. Or a haunted anything while fleeing in terror from winged demons, the point is that the mania this provides can turn any day into Halloween. Proof that the nicest guys are the ones most harsh.
Apparently, this is the first Lyrthas work since 2003, so one can only hope that it isn't another 5 years before the next one sees the light of day. This is the first tape I've actually ever made copies of for friends. Embrace the darkness.